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oh, glory days ([personal profile] cyndaquils) wrote2013-10-18 12:04 pm

aguamenti — free! (a harry potter au)

makoto watches haru twirl the water band coming out of his wand like a ribbon, as rin struggles to get a result. of course haru would be able to master a spell that produces water, he thinks as he produces his own stream of water.

aguamenti!" he hears rin shout, flicking his wand. it leaks out a thin stream of water, and the redheaded boy glares furiously. "oh, goddammit!

"it’s okay, rin," makoto tries to reason, "not everyone is gifted at charms."

rin only glares and turns himself away. he raises his head a little to glare at haruka, haruka and his goddamn gift at charms. makoto sighs, and rin waves his wand again.

he says, “aguamenti!" and a larger stream of water is produced. it doesn’t splutter like it usually does, and he flicks his hand upwards in surprise and excitement.

"yes!" he shouts, dousing everyone.

professor amakata claps her hands excitedly, as everyone else begins casting drying spells.

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