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oh, glory days ([personal profile] cyndaquils) wrote2013-10-18 11:52 am

teaching fools how to dance — erenjean, modern au, drabble

the fuck you! reverberates around the jaeger family’s basement, and everyone turns their heads towards jean and eren.

it’s nothing new, having the two of them shout expletives and then throw some punches, but it’s better then pretending to watch the breakfast club for the seventh time that month. their fights are so common that even mikasa stands by the sidelines, watching them throw half-assed punches at one another.armin can hear connie’s eyeroll when he says, “oh, come on, guys, again?”

sasha’s reply comes soon after, something about boys being idiots and throwing punches is not a way of showing affection.

"i’m not fucking in love with him!” eren shouts as he pins jean’s arms behind his head. jean’s stifled agreement is met with sarcastic head-nodding and ymir calling bullshit.

this is not unusual.

after mikasa finally gives in and threatens to forcibly separate them, everyone’s attention turns back to the movie, as brain takes a drag of the joint.

there’s only twenty minutes left when the poorly concealed sounds of kissing interrupts their movie watching, and annie turns her head to find eren and jean making out with each other.

this, too, is not unusual.


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