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summary: it’s too late when he thinks he’s probably in love with her
characters/relationships: auruopetra, levipetra, eren
notes: this was supposed to be some sort of angsty auruopetra but it turned into a character study with implied levipetra. cross-posted at ao3
he watches her get slammed against the tree, blood splattering and bones cracking. )
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 levi, petra, and the many lives they lived after the scouting legion. — reincarnation au
characters/pairings: levipetra with cameos from from eren, armin, mikasa, hanji, mike, auruo, erd, gunther, annie, and erwin
notes: crossposted from ao3 and my writing blog

our story is gilded )
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they lie in their joint bunk, mattresses separated by less than a meter of wood. reiner and bertholdt are in the double bunk beds next to theirs, and eren and armin are below. once they’re sure everyone is asleep, they quietly push their mattresses together.

they lie next to each other, content, as jean lets himself begin to lean into marco. marco nudges his shoulder, and turns to face him. he can barely make out his friend’s face in the dark, but he can feel his breath.

he knows jean well enough to know he is biting his lip, letting his eyes dart around. he likes jean like this best, when he allows himself to let down his walls and let marco in.

it’s like this a lot with their class—hearts hardened and guarded, unwilling to let anyone get the better of them. they rarely show vulnerability these days, their childish innocence ripped away from them. marco twines his hand with jean’s and turns his head towards him.

"what’s wrong?" he whispers, immediately asking the question.

jean knows he tenses up, he can feel marco’s hand grip his a little harder. he debates replying with a snarky remark, brushing it off like it’s nothing but the question’s been bugging him for awhile.

"do you love me?" he asks, words rushed and breathless.

"yes," comes the reply without hesitation.

it’s all he needs.

curling into marco’s side, jean lets out a breath, letting his fear and worry out along with it.

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cagamosis: an unhappy marriage
au where annie is not the female titan and joins the scouting legion, but eren dies.

let's get married )

wanweird: an unhappy fate
these days i don’t do much — annie/mikasa, minor mikasa/eren

she thinks that maybe this is her punishment. )

anagapesis: the feeling when one no longer loves someone they once did
these walls came crashing down — annie/mikasa

she feels it happen, because it hits her all at once. )
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the fuck you! reverberates around the jaeger family’s basement, and everyone turns their heads towards jean and eren.

it’s nothing new, having the two of them shout expletives and then throw some punches, but it’s better then pretending to watch the breakfast club for the seventh time that month. their fights are so common that even mikasa stands by the sidelines, watching them throw half-assed punches at one another.armin can hear connie’s eyeroll when he says, “oh, come on, guys, again?”

sasha’s reply comes soon after, something about boys being idiots and throwing punches is not a way of showing affection.

"i’m not fucking in love with him!” eren shouts as he pins jean’s arms behind his head. jean’s stifled agreement is met with sarcastic head-nodding and ymir calling bullshit.

this is not unusual.

after mikasa finally gives in and threatens to forcibly separate them, everyone’s attention turns back to the movie, as brain takes a drag of the joint.

there’s only twenty minutes left when the poorly concealed sounds of kissing interrupts their movie watching, and annie turns her head to find eren and jean making out with each other.

this, too, is not unusual.


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